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I Clear Energy. I Train Energy Warriors. I Awaken Souls.

Naomi Energy


Welcome Dear Energy Warriors

You have found me!
I am Naomi. Working with energy is my passion.
Awakening you to reach your ultimate energetic potential is my gift to you.

Clearing, balancing and harmonising energy is my born gift and I am here now to share my skills with you so that you can do the same for your Self.Β 

My Energy Clearing Sessions release and resolve energy blockages, emotional attachments and all unwanted influences and imbalances. A new you emerges and becomes free.

My Energy Warrior Training empowers you to clear your own energy, focuses on what is truly you, and teaches you to be aware, strengthened and connected to your own personal soul energy. Join me in awakening your soul using simple effective training to bring more light into your life.

Allow Me to Help You to Become the Energy Warrior that You are Meant to Be!!!

Much Love, Naomi

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Check out Naomi's Video Diary on YouTube

Diary of a shaman-in-training

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Women’s Online

Moon Circles

Want to know why you are feeling moody, upset, chaotic?

Want to know why you’re feeling overwhelmed, or mentally and physically drained?

The current Moon Phase may be your answer.

Yep the phase of the moon can affect you emotionally, mentally and physically.

During Full Moons we release our energetic garbage from our bodies and during the New Moons we can bring in what we most desire into our lives, if we know how.

Our Lunar Moon Circles have been created to help you to clear your energies affected by the moon phase and allow you to become more positive, more uplifted and more connected to our gorgeous moon and her powerful energies.

Online Lunar Circle Gatherings for the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE with Naomi and Lee-Ann. Celebrating the Full and New Moon phases using sacred online space.

We spend three (3) days connecting with you during the moon phases. Wherever or whenever you are in the world. Perfect for the time poor and extremely affordable, raising your energetic vibrations and collective consciousness. Join us today in a community of Luna Sistas!


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